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GST Advance Ruling on Registration of Transport Services Provider

Advance Ruling

Facts:The applicant ” M/s K M Trans Logistics Pvt Ltd.” is a service provider having registered office at Jaipur and providing transport services to various manufactures of motor vehicles for carrying their vehicles from the factory to various cities in India where the authorized dealers...

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Provision related to Refund under GST Law

There are certain situations under which you can claim refund under GST law.  Due to zero rates on Export, and inverted tax on certain supply, i.e. inward supply is taxed more than outward supply.  As per section 54(1) of CGST Act, 2017 Application for refund...

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New Provision relating to set off of input tax credit (ITC) under GST

Introduction:- The GST Regimes has three tax mechanism i.e. CGST, SGST/UTGST, IGST. Igst is leviable on inter-state supplies. While CGST & SGST/UTGST leviable on intra state supplies. Section 49(5) of CGST Act, prescribes the manner of utilization of credit remains in Electronic credit ledger. However,...

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Important of Debit & Credit Notes in GST Era

Accounts and Records

The debit notes and credit notes are a very essential part of any relationship between the debtor and the creditor which are required to be issued under various circumstances. GST law has its own requirements for issue of these documents which must be met. This...

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GST audit in case of Provision of services

Under GST law the point of taxation in case of services arise at the time of supply of services which is to be determined based on the principles laid down under section 13 of the CGST Act. 1.General rule: a) Timely issue of invoice: –...

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Will Composition dealer have to pay GST on advance receipts?

Today, we will understand the scenario of GST on advance received by a Composition Dealer. Provision under Section 10 of the CGST Act, cover a composition dealer which says that: Section 10 (1) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Act but subject to...

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How GST effect you on day to day life?

You need be a tax expert to know basics of GST. In fact you are duty bound as business owners, executives, accountants etc. to know the basics of GST because GST affect you on a day to day basis. Some highlights of those basic things....

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Certain Services covered under GST : CBEC Clarification

New Development in CGST

Clarifications issued by CBEC regarding whether GST is application or not on certain services Whether activity of bus body building, is a supply of goods or services? CBEC Clarification: In the case of bus body building there is supply of goods and services. Thus, classification...

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GST on Charitable and Religious Activities

Charitable and religious activities were not chargeable under Service tax vide various notifications, the rationale behind this exemption was to encourage charitable activities and not burden these activities with tax burden. The similar provisions are also incorporated under Goods and Service Tax, most of the...

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National Anti-profiteering Authority (NAA) under GST

  The Government approves in cabinet meeting the establishment of the National Anti-profiteering Authority (NAA) under GST, after sharp reduction in the GST rates of many of items of mass consumption on 15th November, 2017. This paves the way for the immediate establishment of this...

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