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Bombay High Court

Bombay High Court on Goods and Service Tax Tran-1 blockage Abicor and Binzel Technoweld Pvt Ltd v Union of India [Writ Petition (L) No 2230 of 2018]

✍ Bombay High Court has taken serious notice of the fact that GST Network (GSTN) is not working properly. Particularly it is not allowing Petitioner to file Tran-1 even though online profile of Petitioner on the GST Network (GSTN) was not working for 6 months.
✍ Bombay High Court has taken note of the fact that the digital systems do not work properly and that still Government insists on payment of late fee for delay in filing returns.
✍ Bombay High Court has observed that celebrations around Goods and Service Tax and special sessions of Parliament or extraordinary meetings of Goods and Service Tax Council mean nothing to assesses when the tax regime itself is not assessee-friendly. Image of the nation suffers due to the way GST Network (GSTN) is functioning.

✍ Bombay High Court has held that GST Commissioners cannot say that issues can be solved only by Goods and Service Tax Council and that they  cannot do anything.
✍ Bombay High Court cannot be expected to administer the implementation of law. It is the executives duty to do so. A proper grievance redressal mechanism should be in place to ensure people do not have to come to court for such issues.
✍ Bombay High Court has said that it will be constrained to pass orders on the line of those passed by Allahabad High Court in Writ (Tax) No. 67 of 2018 dated 24.01.2018. Such directions will be passed for benefit of all Goods and Service Tax taxpayers and not restricted to Petitioner alone.
✍ Bombay High Court Matter posted to 20.02.2018 for Government to file reply to the Petition and inform Court of steps to be taken to alleviate taxpayer grievances relating to GST Network (GSTN).

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  1. Sudeep Rane says:

    Kindly let us know the result given by Honorable Court on this petition

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