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Following new functionalities have been made available to taxpayer on GST Portal:

1. GSTR-2 Offline Version 2.1 – New version of GSTR-2 offline tool is available on portal now. This will enable taxpayers to export data of GSTR-2 from Tool to Excel. This will be helpful in comparing this data with purchase register to take actions like accept, reject and modify.
2. Form GST CMP-02Intimation to pay tax under Section 10 (Composition Levy) under Rule 3(2) of CGST Rules, to be furnished by the person for opting to pay tax under Composition Levy, (Refer Notification No. 45/2017 Central Tax Dated 13/10/2017 issued by CBEC).

3. Form GST CMP-03 – Intimation of details of stock held on the date preceding the date from which the option for composition levy is exercised. Now this form can be filed electronically on GST portal by 30th November 2017, by virtue of Order No. 5/2017-GST Dated 28/10/2017 issued by CBEC.
4. Form GST ITC-04 – Quarterly Statement to be furnished by taxpayer having details of Goods/capital goods sent to job worker and received back.
5. Form GST REG-29 – Application for cancellation of provisional registration by the migrated taxpayer, who is not liable for registration under GST. Taxpayer can Login with credentials, click on link “Cancellation of Provisional Registration” at the Dashboard (under view profile), mention reason, sign and Submit. The cancellation will be effective from appointed date.
6. Form GST PMT-07 – “PMT-07 Grievance for payment”, application for intimating discrepancy relating to payment is available on Portal. This functionality is meant for the taxpayer to raise grievance when the amount is debited from his account, but their Electronic Credit Ledger is not updated.

Sources: GSTN Portal – www.gst.gov.in

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One thought on “New functionalities made accessible on GST Portal

  1. Ramashankar Rai says:

    I have not filed GSTR-3B for Aug’17. I just submitted on 10-10-2017. afterwards GOI has waived late fees for Jul-Aug-Sep’17. Now When i was filing GSTR-3B for Aug’17 they still want late fees, and without payment GSTN portal is now allow to file.
    Please suggest

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