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In India, internet web network is growing very fast. The Indian Government is also emphasis on digitalisation of some sectors for ease of doing business and good governance. In this digital Yug, the world is seamlessly connected over the web and presents a plethora of opportunities for you to do business. What you need to do is connect with digital world, for that “Cloud computing” is a good platform for you. Now a days on internet, mobile, social media we found word “Cloud Computing“. Common men as well as so many business men are not know what is “Cloud Computing” and its applications. After implementation of GST and E-way Bill, use of internet by big & small business houses increased significantly. In almost all areas of our lives, the simplicity, convenience, and efficiency of cloud-based computing has taken over from trading, e-commerce and healthcare. The digital world getting out of desktop into Cloud computing.

Cloud Accounting” is a one branch of Cloud Computing. The cloud is the future. Financial records are the lifeline of a business and the country like the India, where most of traders, business men and even big companies were dither to accepting Cloud Accounting. But the time is changing degree of acceptance of cloud Accounting is gradually increasing.  People are thinking of giving up in-house system and switching towards the cloud base accounting. Change can be difficult, but if the potential business benefits outweigh the costs, then it’s worth your consideration.

Let’s understand the reasons why people are switching from traditional accounting software to towards Cloud based Accounting Software, like Alignbooks,Profitbooks,Zohobooks, QuickBooks and many more available in market.

Cloud Accounting allows people to access software and data via the internet instead of on their local machine. Business owners are always on the move and are increasingly using tablets and smart phones to access latest financial data. With cloud accounting, they can see the business account balances, outstanding invoices, overall cash position, even generate GST tax invoice. Your CA or Tax consultant can easily access your data for tax filing, audit work etc. you no need to go their office frequently.

Low Costs and AMC free – You no need a special technical team to manage or work with the software, and you won’t need costly equipment to host the software and store the data.Software upgrades can be expensive. When you subscribe to a cloud-based system, updates are included with your membership. In current scenario of GST law which is changing every day and night there is a requirement of quick update in accounting software.

Cloud accounting software is most often available for purchase as a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription model. The pricing of your cloud accounting software stack will vary based on the applications you need to meet your unique business needs.

A cloud-based system, you can set up automated data feeds from banks and credit cards to streamline AR and AP processes and reduce the human error that can come from manual entry and reconciliation. These automation capabilities enable accountants or bookkeepers and their clients to save time and increase efficiency, allowing them to spend more time on business growth.

Cloud Accounting able to access financial data and information quickly (i.e., in real time) will empower businesses to make informed decisions sooner rather than later.

It enable to facilitate a paperless environment. It is the need of pollution free world and green environment.

Security Concern?: This is often the number one concern with moving data off an in-house system. But in reality, your data can be more secure in the cloud, service providers ensure there are backup systems, redundancy, and tight encryption in place, and have teams constantly monitoring for cyber attacks. Server facilities are built to tight specifications to protect against natural and man made disasters.

It will be a game changer if you decided to join cloud based accounting system, we ready to help you to do setup, functionality guide, system requirement, solve any query related to cloud-based accounting software.

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